Kingsbury High School Debaters Claim Victory


We are delighted to announce that Iman Mohamed (Year 13) and Sara Dehvari (Year 11) will be representing Kingsbury High School in the National Finals of the Oxford Union Schools Debating Competition 2016, to be held on Saturday 12th March at the Oxford Union, the “world’s most prestigious debating society”.

On a great night for Kingsbury debating and public speaking at Woodside High School, in which all of our teams performed with distinction, Iman and Sara fought hard for their place against incredibly tough opposition. The school teams that went through with Kingsbury High to finals day were from Haberdasher Aske’s School for Boys, St Paul’s and Westminster.

The two motions, prepared in 15 minutes without any external aids, were among the most difficult our students have faced:

*This House believes that states with a history of racial segregation should set ethnic diversity quotas for their national sporting teams.

*This House would fund an identity change for prisoners who have served long sentences upon their release.

Our thanks go to all the members of staff who have supported debating this year and to Sakthy Uthayakumar (Year 13) for using her Jack Petchey Award to support debating in the Upper School (with thanks also to Annette Woodrow for facilitating this).

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