Transforming Lives through Technology

IMG_20151126_193746 (1)
On Thursday 26th November, a group of Sixth Form girls were invited to the Capgemini offices in Holborn to attend an evening event called Transforming Lives through Technology. Capgemini employees gave interactive presentations and spoke about their Capgemini journey explaining what it is like working for Capgemini in a number of different sectors.

Laura Graham & Natasha Pergl, Senior Consultants at Capgemini explain that “The technology sector is a traditionally male orientated one, something that Capgemini is continuously working to challenge and change. The event was an opportunity for school girls and university students to hear from a variety of Capgemini women about their career to date, what type of roles they’ve had in the technology space and some golden nuggets of advice that they’ve learnt along the way.

“We presented specifically on our work with a global consumer products company and how we are helping them transform the way that they market to and engage with their consumers through technology. The key message that we wanted to share with the girls was that technology impacts everything we do, both in our work lives and in our personal lives.”

Year 12 student, Diksha Gurung, attended the event and said “Going to Capgemini was a really interesting experience, it was great to see top women in industry encouraging the next generation to strive for careers in STEM. I got to see a range of new possibilities and opportunities Capgegemini offers to women and it’s great to see organisations like this supporting women.”

Manisha Sanghani, Head of Computing/ICT at Kingsbury High, accompanied the students to the event and said “We at Kingsbury are always very fortunate to be invited to the business and technology events at Capgemini. The Transforming Lives through Technology event gave the girls an interactive and educating experience of the many roles Capgemini women have from Project Manager, Consultant or SAP System Expert. It was great to hear the different backgrounds and experiences that each person had, the different companies they work with and also how they have overcome any obstacles. The students came away with good advice and an insight into the world of technology as well as being inspired to be a successful woman in male dominated world.”


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