Quinta 2015 – The End of an Era


“It was with sadness that we left Quinta for the final time this October. We have been visiting Quinta Hall for approximately 14 years introducing Year 7’s to the ethos of the School through the vehicle of residential education. The generations of year groups that have passed through the Hall have all come to appreciate it as our home in Shropshire.

“We are anxious to ensure that all that was good about Quinta is reproduced at our new venue near Amersham. It has a similar welcoming “feel” and we are confident that our new venture is going to be a success. The close proximity to London will allow us to work with our whole year group and to share more widely the benefits that this type of education brings.

“On Monday 14th December a group of staff, Sixth Form students and Lower School students worked together to plan our new venture and sample some of the activities. We will now get planning in earnest for what promises to be a very exciting and thoroughly worthwhile project.” Annette Woodrow, Head of Faculty for Physical Education and Extended Learning.

Take a sneak peek of what is to come by viewing the gallery below:

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