Total Communication Resource Alumni Day


On Friday 20th November the school hosted its first ever Total Communication Resource Alumni Day. Former Kingsbury High students from the Deaf & Hearing Impaired communities visited the school to inspire the next generation of students.

They spent the day sharing their experiences of their time at Kingsbury High, spoke of their journey since then and of what they are doing now. They attended Kingsbury High between the years 1988 -2015 so their ages ranged from 16 – 39 bringing with them a wealth of advice, knowledge and nostalgia.

24 year-old Abdulla Mustafa left school in 2008. He has since continued his education, travelled the world (playing basketball and working with the Deaf community in the Philippines) and has set up his own company in Internet Marketing. Speaking at the event he said “When I saw the school, I thought ‘wow, it seems really small now’. We didn’t have smart phones or facebook back then, but these things really help me now. I was obsessed with basketball and today I want to go out there [in the playground] and play basketball again.” His identical twin brother, Abdulrahman Mustafa, cuts in and says “I was really interested in Drama and Art and Abdulla was into Sports. I remember having Ms Winter in Year 7 to Year 9, you did History with us and you were explaining about Henry VIII and I’ll never forget that. That was my first one-to-one with you and you communicated really well. Break times were really difficult because we were on our own and we didn’t really know what to do. We felt depressed, but we didn’t tell anyone, we just kept it all inside. So we always went to the Library and went on the computer and read books. I discovered that I really wanted to go to university and I really wanted to do Film Studies.”

Communication Support Worker, Natalie Winter, organised the event and said “It was very interesting and exciting to hear about the progress of each former student. After leaving Kingsbury High they have followed an astounding range of careers in education and employment and they all said that they valued the support they received during their time at school.

“The day was a great success. We would like to thank these young people for offering their time to present themselves as positive role models and to support our students at Kingsbury High.”

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