Year 12 Enrichment Programme


It has been a very busy last two weeks for Year 12 students, who have been participating in a UCAS and Employability programme that has included guidance on the UCAS online process, trip opportunities to Imperial College (for a ‘Pure Potential’ event) and the universities of Westminster, Hertfordshire and St George’s, University of London, workshops on employment skills and apprenticeships, and one-to-one interviews with experienced advisers. In-between there were also ‘Discover London’ trips to explore historical, cultural and academic landmarks, and our programme ended with a very enjoyable team-building day, where students were asked to rise to the challenge of a series of physical, sporting and mental challenges, and did so with distinction.

We welcomed several speakers to contribute to this year’s programme including Jane Marshall of Imperial College, Binda Bhudia of ‘Pure Potential’ and an impressive team of alumni, and offer our sincere thanks to them for enriching the experience for Kingsbury students. We are already looking ahead to next year’s programme, having been inspired by the quality of the guidance and advice delivered by external providers and seeking, as ever, to build upon what we are able to offer in-house for our students.

Thanks to the Sixth Form Management Team for putting the arrangements in place and the many teachers over the two weeks who gave their time to support the students in these activities.

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