Ian Lendler Presents The Stratford Zoo


On Friday 26th June 2015, Year 8 students took a break from class to welcome, American author, Ian Lendler to Kingsbury High School.

Ian Lendler is a graphic novel writer whose books are based on Shakespearean plays. While humorous, witty and fun, his books don’t stray too far from the original storyline. Ian went into depth about how graphic novels are put together, how the characters are created and gave inside information on what it takes to get his books ready. Students found his high energy approach funny yet informative.

Year 8 student, Nia Facey said “The best part of the visit was when the author went through Macbeth because it is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays so I found it really interesting to see the way he had adapted the original version to his own.”

Ian said “I think it’s important to get students introduced to Shakespeare as early as possible. And if I can make them laugh and get excited about reading, all the better! I love introducing graphic novels to children because I think it is great way to get them reading.

“It’s important for some students to see that writing isn’t some mysterious ‘art’ process. It’s a real skill that can actually get you somewhere in life. I love encouraging students to take their talent seriously, whatever it may be.”

Ian enjoyed his London tour, but was particularly interested in visiting Kingsbury as it’s where he met his wife; and Kingsbury High as it’s the school his sister-in-law attended. He continued “Because of my personal connection to the Kingsbury area, I couldn’t have been happier visiting Kingsbury High. It’s huge, old, wildly diverse, chaotic and fun. Exactly like London!”

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