Mock Election Day at Kingsbury High


On Wednesday 4th March 2015 Kingsbury High School held a Mock Election Day organised to show Year 9 students how the electoral process works in a democracy in the run up to the May 2015 General Election.

Year 13 Politics and Sociology students represented all five main political parties: Labour; Conservatives; Liberal Democrats; Green Party and UKIP. The candidates had researched their party’s policies and delivered a passionate speech at the hustings. They then went door to door canvassing at the classrooms of the Year 9 groups, where they were grilled about their policies and asked lots of questions by the inquisitive students.

After listening to and questioning the politicians, the Year 9s then made their way to the polling station in the school Library, which was very professionally staffed by Year 12 students, where they all voted for the party and candidates that had won them over.

Head of the Humanities Faculty, Ms Vishnuram, oversaw the day and said “Only 12% of 18-24 year olds are expected vote in the next election and this something that we want to change at Kingsbury High because we passionately believe that active participation and engagement in the democratic process is important. I was very excited about the Mock Election Day and the actual experience on the day went way beyond my expectations. The Sixth Form students were phenomenal – extremely charismatic and knowledgeable, showing a real understanding of the political parties they were representing.

Sixth Form student, Alizay Agha, said “Even as an A level politics student who is involved in local politics outside of school I was still able to benefit from the day and learn even more about parties who I wasn’t totally familiar with. If it was great for us Sixth Formers, then I hope the Year 9s had an equally great time learning about all the different potent issues in today’s society and how different parties want to tackle them. Seeing such young individuals have strong differing political viewpoints which I did not have at their age was certainly interesting and at points, even inspiring. It was a day to remember.”

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