Challenge 271


A teacher at Kingsbury High School will embark on a gruelling challenge to cover 271km in just five days. The physical Education teacher, Gary Froy will run three 40km marathons and cycle two 75km bike rides to cover the distance.

The challenge aims to raise awareness and money for Kidney Research UK.  Gary’s five day challenge, #challenge271, will take place during 26th – 30th May 2015, but Gary is launching the project in school on the 3rd December 2014: a year after the loss of his father, Colin Froy, Police Constable 271, Hertfordshire Police.

Gary said “Dad sadly passed away in December 2013 after a long battle with illness. Not only did Dad have Cancer and 3 Heart Attacks, but also Kidney Failure which eventually cost him his life.

“Dad spent over 4 years on Kidney Dialysis at Watford General Hospital, a process which involved sitting in a bed for around 5 hours, 3 times a week. This long, boring process was mentally challenging for Dad, as he had to give up work and would often leave in great pain from each visit.  As things worsened, Dad was required to wear an Oxygen mask to sleep, whilst he lost the feelings in his hands and feet meaning it was impossible to drive and very painful to even walk.

“However, even through all of this, Dad would not show any signs of weakness to friends or family. He was forever smiling, laughing and being positive to anyone who met him and for many they didn’t even realise how ill he was. Dad sadly lost his battle at 6.31pm on Tuesday 3rd December 2013. Dad was a hero, a man who would do anything for anyone else and now is the time for me to give something back. I will be looking to raise a large sum of money to help find a cure, in order that other families don’t have to suffer as we have.”

Year 8 students at Kingsbury High School will be supporting Gary throughout the challenge by running a number of fundraising events within the school.

If you would like to support Gary or find out more, visit his justgiving page.

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