Kingsbury High School Awarded Gold Club Status

London Schools' Gold Club Awards Ceremony, City Hall - 2Oct14

Kingsbury High School has been awarded Gold Club status under a scheme set up by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to recognise exceptional schools in the capital. The Gold Club is part of the Mayor’s ambition to help drive up standards and raise attainment for all schoolchildren wherever they live in the capital and regardless of background.

The Gold Club celebrates schools that are achieving academic success with all their pupils, in particular those where they may be disadvantaged or be affected by circumstances that could have an impact on their learning. In highlighting schools that are ‘bucking the trend’, particularly those with children on Pupil Premium or previously low attainment, the aim is to inspire others in London to strive for similar academic success and offer them the chance to learn the best practice in the classroom of the Gold Club schools.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said “Congratulations to Kingsbury High School and all the other schools that have been recognised by our Gold Club programme. The Gold Club is based on the belief that all schools can aspire to attain excellence for all their pupils, whatever their circumstances. London schools are already doing well when compared to the rest of the country, but each of our Gold Club schools is making even great strides with their pupils. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to raising standards, but we hope other schools will be able to benefit as a result of seeing what others in the capital are doing to achieve academic excellence. I see Gold Club schools as exemplars because they enable terrific results for all their young people”.

Chair of Governors, Georgina Bondzi-Simpson and Parent Governor, Jag Minhas, attended a Gold Club Awards Ceremony at City Hall on Thursday 2nd October and said “It was a privilege to represent our school at City Hall at the Mayor’s London School’s Gold Club awards ceremony, where after hearing an inspiring speech by the host of the event Munira Mirza, the Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture, we proudly received an award for being in the very top tier of secondary schools for delivering trend-breaking performance in the academic progress of our students.

“Our admission into this exclusive club celebrates the fantastic efforts of all of our students, staff and parents who’ve been able to prove that circumstance is no barrier to fulfilling student aspirations and driving exceptional progress in student’s performance, as well as the achievement of excellent results. Receiving the award represents a big ‘well done and congratulations’ to all of our school’s community for all the great work in doing just that!

We will fully embrace our participation in the London School’s Gold Club scheme because it involves making a commitment for our excellent staff to share the ‘secrets’ of our success with other London schools so that more students in our great city can benefit from the successes we’ve had with the aims at the heart of our ethos: making a difference to the life of every student who passes through our doors.”

95 schools have been awarded Gold Club status in 2014, year two of the scheme. They are being asked to share their good practice through seminars and hosting visits to their school so that other schools can learn from a range of approaches that have delivered success and achieved extraordinary performance of their pupils.

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