‘STOMP’ Comes to Kingsbury!


Kingsbury High School held its first enrichment day, or ‘Excel Day’, of this academic year on Thursday 2nd October 2014. Students from Year 8 worked with the Physical Education, Expressive Arts & Extended Learning Faculty and took part in a programme based on the successful West End show ‘STOMP’.

Students created an exciting cacophony of rhythmic music using household objects, thereby developing teamwork, physical co-ordination, listening and performing skills. The sessions started off with clapping exercises and exploring the varied ways that rhythms could be created with the use of voice and a range of body parts. These rhythms were developed by incorporating the recycled items students had collected. In the mix were Pringle tubes, plastic bags, flower pots, buckets and more. Students ended the session with a performance which blended together dance, music and theatrical performance.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and gained valuable experience in the performing arts. Tyrique Fearon, 8K, said “The STOMP exercise was amazing because we got to make music and sounds with different objects. It’s a great experience to try.”

Khushi Patel, 8B, said “The STOMP session was very fun and enjoyable and it was a fantastic experience for all. It showed us that by using everyday instruments, we can find a passion for music and that is amazing. I thank you all who helped with making the STOMP experience as brilliant as it was.”

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