Kingsbury Way Day


On Friday 4th July 2014, Kingsbury High School held a whole school event called Kingsbury Way Day to celebrate working together as a whole school on an event.

The day commenced with an opening ceremony followed by various group activities including a quiz, barn dancing, relays, art, concerts, dance performances and sport .

‘Red Shirt’ leaders worked with their peers and joined in with the activities while staff encouraged students to strive to demonstrate, in their actions, the values of personal excellence, respect and equality. Staff and students donned specially designed t-shirts with these values inscribed on them.

The day culminated with an assembly where students could reflect on the events of an enjoyable day.

Ms Woodrow, Head of Faculty for Physical Education and Extended Learning said “Kingsbury Way Day was all that I hoped it would be. The aim was to demonstrate what a good team we all are when we pull together and to leave a fond memory in the hearts of those that are leaving this year.Staff reflected on teaching in a School where a day such as “Kingsbury Way Day” is made possible and is valued by students and staff.”

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