Send ALL my Friends to School

Send All My Friends to School

On Wednesday 02 July 2014, students at Kingsbury High School took part in the Send ALL My Friends to School campaignto remind world leaders that it is children with disabilities that are missing out most on their right to an education.

In 2000 world leaders promised universal primary education by 2015, but with only a year to go 57 million children are still out of school and over a third of them have a disability.

Year 7 students began the day with screenings of Send My Friend to School’s national campaign video, which starred Kingsbury High School and The Village School students. Students then created ‘buddy’ figures and added their voices by covering them with messages about the importance of education for all. These have been sent to local MP, Barry Gardiner, to pass on to the Prime Minister to remind the UK government of their promise.

To complete their day, the whole of Year 7 gathered on the school playground to create a giant word: ‘TEACH’.

Ms Sarah Purtill, KS3 Pastoral Curriculum Leader said “Students had the chance to reflect on how important education is and how many doors are open to them with an education. Seeing our students becoming passionate global citizens is a real inspiration, watching them become engaged and empowered acts as a reminder that we can work together to ensure that one day every child will have access to primary education.”

Ade Adepitan,broadcaster and Paralympian is supporting the 2014 campaign. Ade presents Send My Friend to School’s campaign film which links to his own story. Ade says: “If world leaders are serious about getting every child into education, they must prioritise the needs of children with disabilities now.”

Ade was born in Nigeria where he contracted polio at 15 months old. Ade moved to London before he started primary school but knows that if he had stayed in Nigeria his life would have been very different. Nigeria is the country with the largest number of out of school children, currently at over 10 million.

The Send My Friend to School campaign has been running since 2005 – each year with a different theme – and millions of young people have taken part in the UK and in 100 countries around the world. Last year the campaign focused on the global shortage of professional teachers. Half a million young people from over 5,000 schools took part and 99% of MPs were sent colourful paper messages about the vital role of teachers in realising education for all.

To get a free pack and get your school involved visit


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