Kellogg’s Boosts Breakfast at Kingsbury High


Kingsbury High School received a boost after food company Kellogg’s awarded £200 of funding to help support the school’s breakfast club; with a further £200 of Kellogg’s cereal vouchers.

According to the ‘Lost Education’ report, commissioned by Kellogg’s, more than a quarter of teachers questioned (28%) have seen an increase in children being sent to school with no breakfast. The effect, the study concludes, is a loss of education, with teachers reporting that if a child arrives at school hungry, they will lose one hour of learning time that day. If a child arrived at school hungry once a week over a school year, that adds up to 36 hours of learning time.

The breakfast club at Kingsbury High School was set up in January and has been extremely popular with both staff and students. Year 8 student, Jessica Ablampah said “I think eating breakfast is essential to helping students through the school day. When you don’t eat breakfast you don’t feel as awake and ready to learn and you are not able to concentrate during lessons. I prefer eating breakfast in school because it is more quick and efficient; the breakfast is really nice and I really enjoy it. You get to talk more to the canteen staff which is lovely. I think students should use it more often because the service is good, the food is excellent and, personally, I really enjoy it.”

The £200 from Kellogg’s has gone towards buying an industrial toaster and crockery for use in the breakfast club.

Rose Aidoo, Kitchen Assistant at Kingsbury High School who runs the breakfast club said “I love running the breakfast club. It provides students with a homely and social environment. The kids are so nice, they talk to me a lot and it has been great getting to know them. I would love for more students to come because we have so much to offer.”

Kingsbury High School is one of a thousand schools from across the country to receive a grant after research revealed that more children than ever are going to school hungry.
Kellogg’s launched  its nationwide ‘Help Give a Child a Breakfast’ campaign last September and will be donating two million breakfasts to school breakfast clubs in the UK to ensure that the children who need it the most, get the best start to the day.

Kellogg’s has been supporting breakfast clubs for more than a decade and has set up over 1,000 in that time. Funding is still available now for both new and existing breakfast clubs.

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