National Robotics Competition


A team of Year 12 students from Kingsbury High School enjoyed success at a national robotics competition in April.

The challenge was to build an entirely autonomous robot which could read QR codes to locate boxes inside an arena and move them into a goal area to score points.

After over six months of designing, building and programming the Kingsbury robot, nicknamed ‘Sid’, the team went to the finals held over a weekend in the grandstand at Newbury Racecourse. The annual competition is organised by students from the University of Southampton and is designed to encourage sixth form students to develop skills in Engineering, Electronics and Computer Programming. This year was the sixth in the competition’s history but the first that Kingsbury High had entered.

The team did extremely well to come 17th out of over 50 schools entered in the competition and would have enjoyed a top ten finish if it were not for a controversial scoring error late in the day.

Well done to the team participating in the finals: Amir Jassem, Viren Mistry, Noordin Nanji, Ally Preston, Amar Sharma and Vijay Vekaria. Credit also goes to Mohammad Afshar, Yash Morar and Nayim Nurdin who contributed during the building of the robot.

More information about the competition can be found at

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