Good Luck Messages and Advice From Former Students


“Hi Year 11’s!! Good luck for your exams! As a former KHS student I know exactly how you are feeling. Just remember all the hard work you put in now will pay off in the future. Don’t get too stressed and take regular breaks when revising, and think of the relief you will feel once you are done! GCSE’s are a great stepping stone to avenues you may want to take later on so just do your very best.” 🙂

Kajal Mistry

Optometrist, Leaving Year 2002


“I look back and think GCSE’s were probably the most easiest examinations that I’ve ever had to do, if only I saw it this way when I was sitting them. I’m telling you now that all you need to do is put those hours of revision in, don’t leave it last minute! I remember when I was doing my GCSE’s, there was a lot of pressure and competition around me but I chose to just focus on my work as no one else’s grades would do anything for me. I ended up with excellent GCSE’s but that was due to going to those extra revision classes, revising, listening to my teachers and staying away from the sun (Why do we have exams in summer?!) Don’t stress, just focus! Remember, that laziness pays of NOW, but hard work will pay off LATER.”

Tia Jounija

Founder of Wishful Smiles Charity

“When I was studying for my A levels, I recorded all the things I needed to revise and listened to it in my sleep. Years later I trained as a hypnotherapist and discovered that recording myself was a very good thing to do, as our subconscious mind takes information in even as we drift off to sleep, and sleep helps move all the short term memory
to long term. Making sure you plan revision and exercise between revision times, can also help the brain hold the information.

Don’t panic, use mindfulness and relaxation to help you cope better.

I am currently seeing A level and degree level students in Oxford for stress management for exams and if any pupils would like to have a copy of my CD then they are most welcome to download it from Soundcloud.”

Penny Ling

BA(Hons) DHP CBT(Hyp) SFBT(Hyp) SFBTSUP(Hyp) AccHypSup MNCH(Reg) CNHC(Reg) AfSFH
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

“Hope all goes well and you get the results you hope for. These are important exams but remember they’re not the only important things in life so try to keep them in perspective. It works out in the end.”

Wendy Figueira (Groves)

Left Kingsbury High School in 1981 and is now a head teacher in small village primary school. Married for 30 years to someone she met at Kingsbury High. 

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