Students Visit Cambridge University


On Friday 2nd May 2014, fifteen Year 9 students gained glimpses of Kingsbury’s past and possible futures when they visited Cambridge University. The students received an informative and interesting tour of Jesus College from the Outreach Officer for Brent, Jenny Jenyon, and then headed to Selwyn College, where they were generously hosted by the Head of Admissions at the university, Dr Mike Sewell, and two of our former students: Harshadha Balasubramanian, reading Human, Social and Political Sciences at Selwyn; and Holly Smith, reading Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Murray Edwards College. Not only were the students afforded a wonderful free lunch of several courses in Selwyn College Hall but also treated to a tour led by Harshadha, Holly and two friends, undergraduates in Classics and Law. The students were given a great deal of information about university life and the Cambridge approach to studies, together with a look inside a college room and some inspiring insights into rowing (both Harshadha and Holly are keen members of college boat clubs) and college music.

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