Great Yarmouth Football Tour

Great Yarmouth Football Tour

Fourteen Year 9 students went on a football tour during a recent trip to Great Yarmouth. Playing against clubs from all over the UK, they finished in third place, missing out on the final by only one point. This was a fantastic achievement as they were the youngest team in the school tournament.

The highlight of the tour was being awarded with a trophy for the ‘Best Sporting Team’ by former England footballer, Ray Clemence. The award celebrated their excellent behaviour both on and off the pitch.

Whilst in Great Yarmouth, the students also participated in extracurricular activities including, go karting, quasar, arcades and a pool tournament.

Congratulations to the following students: Hayden Graham, Samh Aouidef, Anuj Chitroda, Kushal Shah, Amari Mogre, Joshua Machedo, Liban Mohamed, Emmanuel Weber, Ermir Selmani, Kraig Mcleod, Sean Byrne, Brandon Todd, Ashlee Hibbert and Zubear Zulfiqar.

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