Students Raise Thousands for Sport Relief


Kingsbury High School Higher Sports Leader Award (HSLA) students hosted a fun week of sporting activities for students and staff to raise money for Sport Relief 2014.

The HSLAs, led by Nisani Gnanasoorian (18) and James Frater (18), organised badminton tournaments, basketball challenges and netball rallies during the week beginning Monday 17th March. The highlight of the week was Friday’s Sport Relief Mile in which students of all ages took part, cheered on by the HSLAs.

For those in need of a sugar rush after their efforts, cake sales were held across both of the school’s, Princes Avenue and Bacon Lane, sites.

James said “The best moment for me was when Lara in Year 7 finished the mile without her wheelchair and the whole of Year 7 cheered so loudly. It was just amazing, an amazing memory.

Overall, it was a very successful week. I didn’t expect the school to be so warming to the idea, but as the week progressed the momentum carried everyone with us and people were giving more than I expected.”

Through the students’ sterling efforts, the school raised £2724.93 for this important cause and both staff and students had a lot of fun and got just a little bit fitter!

Nisani said “It was just so great because the whole school was involved and when you see the end result, you think ‘oh yeah it’s all worth it’ especially seeing the smiles on students faces when they finish the mile. It feels good to have raised so much money for such a good cause. The figure just summarises the hard work that went into the week.”

The HSLAs concluded their week on Sunday by volunteering at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where they handed out medals to those completing the Sport Relief Mile.

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