Students Enjoy the Limelight for a Good Cause

On Friday 29th November, Send My Friend to School, a campaign run by the Global Campaign for Education UK, filmed the final leg of their 2014 film at The Village School (TVS), Grove Park.

Every year, Send My Friend to School, run a campaign, teaching UK school students about the global education crisis. Schools who take part receive a free pack, including an introductory DVD containing the film.

A film crew from Jump Off The Screen spent a day at TVS filming children with disabilities working alongside students from Kingsbury High School.

TVS student, Kinjal Mileche, aged 12 said “It is important to take part in days like these because we’re helping other children all around the world get an education and a better life. I’m really excited that the film will be shown around the UK – people might get inspired and help us.”

Kingsbury High School has been supporting the Send My Friend to School campaign for eight years. The campaign, which has a different theme each year, aims to remind world leaders of the promise they made in 2000; that all children worldwide would get a quality primary education by 2015. The 2014 theme, ‘Send ALL My Friends to School’ will focus on disability and education and the main message will be that every child has the equal right to learn. There are still 57 million children who are missing out on even a basic primary education, and over a third of these children have a disability.

Kingsbury High School student, Shivani Doshi, aged 13, was filmed at TVS and also featured in the 2013 film campaign. She said “I feel passionate about Send My Friend to School, because I am in an environment where it is easy to forget about the importance of education. The campaign is reminder to me that I should not disrupt my learning as 57 million children do not get an education.

Last year, I was involved in the campaign video and it made me feel nervous, as I wanted it to create a positive impact. Knowing that schools all over the UK have watched the video, makes me feel that it is creating more pressure on the government to take action! I think more schools should get involved.”

The film will be shown to around 6,000 schools across the UK who sign up for the Send My Friend to School campaign. Schools can get involved by requesting an activity pack from the Send My Friend to School website.

The film will be available for viewing by the end of February 2014.

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