Key Stage 5 Excel Day

On Monday 30th September, Kingsbury High School hosted one of its periodic enrichment days or ‘Excel Days’. As part of this ‘Excel Day’, Kingsbury High’s A level Science students engaged with a number of professionals who have either taken up, or are on the path to take up careers, in the field of science.

Presentations, demonstrations and advice were given throughout the day by scientists and post-graduates, many of whom were former Kingsbury High students.

Parus Pindoria, a Graduate Optometrist, who left Kingsbury High in 2009 and graduated from City University, now works at Specsavers opticians in Wembley. Parus showed students how to use an ophthalmoscope to examine retinas and check eye health. He said “I think it’s a great idea to have these career talks to give the students an idea of the qualifications they could attain at university which perhaps they may not have realised were available.

The students were great, I think they were a little quiet to begin with but as the presentation went on and they learnt what it’s like to be an Optometrist they warmed up a little more. The practical experience that some of the students volunteered for really was an eye opener for them! As well as giving them an insight into university life they had a chance to follow the journey of reading optometry and what it’s like to practice in real life with real patients with real problems.”

[photography by Steve]

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