NDCS Listening Bus Visits Kingsbury High School


On Tuesday 16th July, Kingsbury High School was visited by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Listening Bus. The Listening Bus has been travelling the UK since 1996 delivering the NDCS’s information service to the doorstep of the nation’s deaf children; their families and friends and the professionals working with them.

Kingsbury High School students and staff benefited from the range of workshops the road show team offer. Damian Ball, Road Show Coordinator, spoke to deaf students about their confidence, identity, emotional health and wellbeing. Students also had the opportunity to try out the new technologies available for independent living such as flashing doorbells, Bluetooth neckloops and vibrating alarm clocks.

The service delivers 90 free visits a year, with the majority taking place at primary and secondary schools.

Damian said “One key issue that we highlight with the secondary deaf students is the management of their hearing aids or cochlear implants, which few are aware of. An audiologist can activate a setting known as a Telecoil or ‘T’. This means they can hear music, the TV or people talking more clearly with no background noises present. One piece of technology to enable this is a Bluetooth neckloop, which can pair up with devices that have Bluetooth, such as mobile phones and iPads. This then shares information like music and speech without the need for cables, and is popular with teenagers!”

Gabrielle Nagle, Road Show Assistant said “These workshops are a whole new level of help for deaf students. They focus on helping deaf young peoples’ confidence; helping to improve their independence; talking to them about communication; deaf identity and getting them to think about what they want in the future and how to achieve it. The workshops are really, really rewarding and can make a big difference to deaf young people out there.”

Find out more about the NDCS Listening Bus

[text by Camille; photograph by Steve]

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