Wise Up! Face Up! Stand Up!


For their London 2012 Olympic Legacy, Kingsbury High School’s Year 8 students adopted the theme of courage. Under the campaign banner, Wise Up! Face Up! Stand Up!, the students took up the challenge of supporting the courage of families affected by cancer. Through the school year, they raised money for, and awareness of, St Luke’s Hospice, The Teenage Cancer Trust and Stand up to Cancer, part of Cancer Research UK.

Explaining the motivation behind the campaign, Deputy Year Leader, Helen Snow said “We wanted a campaign that the students could lead and be a part of, not only being courageous within their own surroundings but also understanding and promoting the courage of others.”

Students raised £1,400 for The Teenage Cancer Trust, £1,400 for Stand up to Cancer and £1,480 for St Luke’s Hospice. Students presented cheques to representatives of the three charities at the Watford Colosseum during the school’s inaugural Year 8 Graduation ceremony.

Year 8 student, Chey-Ann McLeod aged 13 said “The experience of us being able to help people with cancer has bonded us as a year group because everyone wanted to get involved. It lets you know that you can do something to help others.”

[photograph by Steve]

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