Year 9 Boys on Tour

Kingsbury High School’s Year 9 boys football team went on a five day football tour to Great Yarmouth.

The tour proved to be Kingsbury High School’s most successful to date. In a tournament containing teams from both Years 9 & 10, we came 1st in Year 9 and 2nd overall.

Along with a magnificent trophy for our achievements, we were awarded a  trophy for our sporting conduct on and off the pitch. Please congratulate the following boys: Andy Awuku, Amir Masoud, Nikane Robinson, Navic Lokilo, Sadiq Sahal, Shahan Muthakim, Daniel Emmanuel, Yasir Mohammed, Gyasi Femiola, Sami Abraham, Kwame Boateng, Tomi Ibrahim, Nimshi Kongolo, Jordan Traore and Rio Beach.

[text by Mr Sabag; photographs provided by Mr Sabag]

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