Perpetual Motion 2013

On the afternoon of Monday 11th March the students of Kingsbury High school treated the Village School children and some local pensioners to the Perpetual Motion acts of 2013. Vibrant costumes, loud music, hip hop to contemporary dances and interactive duologues filled the hall and audiences were entertained throughout for a two hour period.

Students ranging from Year 7 to 12 came together to show off Kingsbury High School’s talent and this was a successful turn out. In total there were 25 performances and each act performed to show a variety of unique and individual pieces. A current of energy flowed around the hall as each act, with their enthusiastic and charismatic routines, managed to excite and captivate audiences when showcasing their hard work.  Some of the performances included Locksquad, a Peter and the Wolf interpretation and a teenage life duologue.

A member of the audience said “I had so much fun watching the students of Kingsbury high school treat us to such wonderful performances. You can tell that all the students worked hard and each performance was unique and exciting to watch”
A student performer described perpetual motion as “a time where we can all come together and create something big. I am honoured to be part of this and performing to an attentive audience has improved my confidence”

The dress rehearsal was the first time that performers got a chance to show their abilities and put on a good show and it was a jolly good show.

[Perpetual Motion 2013 organised by Ms Patchick; report by Krupa Gaglani (Year 11); photography by Steve]

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