Kingsbury Coming Together

Award-Winning Poet, Daljit Nagra, lead a poetry masterclass at Kingsbury High School’s ‘Kingsbury Coming Together’ event on Saturday 30th June 2012.

Look We Have Coming to Dover! author, Daljit, lead the class of students in the ‘Literary Tent’ before taking to the stage and reading extracts from his verse novel, soon to be published by Faber, based on the Ramayana, a classical Indian text. Attendees of the class, joined Daljit on stage to read work they created at the event.

The ‘Literary Tent’ at ‘Kingsbury Coming Together’ hosted poetry and spoken word events by staff, students and guest speakers. Events at the tent, colloquially known as the ‘Quirky Tent’ were put together by Kingsbury High School staff to promote a love of books, poetry and spoken word from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

‘Kingsbury Coming Together’ also entertained a range of stalls and activities.

[text by Camille; photography by Anup K Dholakia – former KHS student]

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