KHS get their gloves on to support people with scleroderma

Staff and students at Kingsbury High School put their gloves on during Wear Your Gloves to Work Day on Friday 29th June 2012, to raise awareness and show their support for children and adults living with Scleroderma.

Staff were photographed around the school showing off their new summer accessories. Jo Woods, Library Manager, embellished a pair of washing-up gloves with sequins and glitter and said “I’d heard the word, Scleroderma before, but didn’t know what it meant. It’s good to raise awareness of this little-known condition.”

Web and Publicity Officer, Camille Shah, said, “I wanted to raise awareness of the disease because I have a friend who has lived with scleroderma for over 12 years. She often gets verbally abused by passers-by when she uses her disability badge and has even had her car vandalised. I would like people to understand that you don’t have to look disabled to have a serious, life threatening disability. Wear Your Gloves to Work Day is a fun way to raise awareness of the condition.”

Scleroderma may cause physical disability and can be life threatening. The skin, joints, tendons, and parts of internal organs can all be affected. It can affect anyone of any age and is a life-long condition with no cure. The cause of scleroderma is unknown.

Children and adults with scleroderma often feel cold when most people don’t because one of the most common symptoms is extremely poor circulation – their hands literally go blue, or even black, with cold. They often need to wear gloves or coats – even in summer, hence, the Wear Your Gloves to Work Day campaign.

For more information or to make a donation, visit

[text by Camille; photography by Steve & Camille]


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