Artemis Urban Debate League 2012

Kingsbury High School is ranked first place, out of 107 schools, in the final league tables of the Artemis Urban Debate League 2012. This was a competition that took place between schools all over the nation. Kingsbury High School was able to succeed in gaining the highest score and maintain it after two hotly contested rounds.

For each round, students had to prepare for a pre-released motion and on the day, two debate rounds took place. Out of the two, one of the motions was pre-released and the second debate would be a blind one. Students performed brilliantly, throwing their powerful thoughts out to the audience with conviction and force. The judges placed both teams which were representing Kingsbury High School Debate Club at the top.

Students now have one more round to take part in and are currently in training for the grand final which will take place at the House of Lords. The students are very excited about the prospect of performing at such a prestigious venue.

[information provided by Ms Salmah]

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