2012 Deutsche Bank Debate Mate


On Friday the 23rd of March, six Kingsbury High School students attended the 2012 Deutsche Bank Debate Mate Cup Competition at London School of Economics. The students were selected by Law undergraduate mentors’ of Kings College University, London.

The Deutsche Bank Debate Mate Cup is a competition run by a charity organisation known as Debate Mate. Every week mentors come along to train and gear Kingsbury High School students to develop their oracy skills so that they can take part in national competitions such as the Deutsche Bank Debate Mate Cup and the Urban Debate League. The competitions involve nearly a hundred schools who are encouraged to challenge each other in debates.

Kingsbury High School students worked extremely hard to prepare for the event, which involved three debate rounds. Out of the three rounds, students were provided with one pre-released motion and the other two were revealed 15 minutes prior to the debate. Students were up against a new team from a different school in each round.

The motions were challenging with statements such as: ‘This House believes that the UK should intervene militarily in Syria’. Within a short period of time and intense pressure the Key Stage 3 Debate Club team were able to come out successfully from 2 of the 3 debates. They all worked very hard to gain support for their point of view and to engage their peers in serious discussions about issues that affect us all.

At the end of the day and after many live performances, students left with precious advice from judges who professionally take part in debating competitions from all around the world.

[text provided by Ms Salmah; image provided by Ben McNelly, Programme Director, Debate Mate]

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