Vocab Champions


When you’re learning a foreign language, why is vocabulary like Lego? That was the question put to Year 7 as they prepared to enter the Vocab Express National Championship – a vocabulary-learning competition which took place in March.

The answer is that vocabulary is like the building blocks of a language: with more words you can build better sentences and express yourself more creatively.

Over 90 pupils from Year 7 put this into practice by rising to the challenge the week-long contest, competing against schools from across the country to see who could learn the most new words in a week. Thanks to their determination and excellent effort, Kingsbury came 6th in the national Medio Challenge Cup.

There were some excellent individual performances: Parag Pindoria, Ritik Patel, Nikhil Shikotra, Abarathan Jeevaraj and Nikita Shikotra all scored more than 10,000 points. The school’s top scorer was Hasibullah Ghulamhaidar in 7G, who scored 28,215 – putting him in the top 25 in the country for his score in German. Congratulations on this excellent achievement!

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