Former Kingsbury High School Student Returns to the School to Film his Music Video

Up-and-coming producer, singer, rapper, dancer and former Kingsbury High School student who goes by the name of V.A.S. has returned to the school to film his latest music video called Butterfly.

Taken from his album ‘The Chronicles Of Chilby’, Butterfly is a song about a teenage crush. The video was directed by Raheem Bakare and produced by V.A.S. himself. The 22 year-old from North West London says “The video shows a unique and cheeky character put together with a catchy chorus that everyone just won’t be able to get out of their heads.”

V.A.S. recognises the importance of being a positive role model to young people, not only through his music, but also through motivational talks at High Schools and through his work with youth focused organisations such as Nutmeg Community.

V.A.S. recently visited Kingsbury High School to talk to students about his education, music, ambitions and to inspire students to follow their dreams. V.A.S. exhibits his determination and will to succeed in a positive way and reiterates this to young people. He says “one of the reasons I don’t swear in my songs is that first of all my mother would kill me, but also the older generation will not take you seriously and the younger generation will think it’s okay and it isn’t.”

V.A.S. says his inspiration for Butterfly was “remembering how it feels to have a crush on someone and the feeling of having that first crush in school where you start smiling just because the girl you like is there, forgetting about football, computer games, cars and everything else.” V.A.S. however, didn’t forget about his education and after leaving Kingsbury High School five years ago, went on to graduate from Middlesex University with a 2.1 honours degree in Business & Economics.

Butterfly was released on Monday 09th April 2012 and is available to buy on itunes.

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