Kingsbury success in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences


On the weekend of 9th-11th March, 18 Kingsbury High School (KHS) Sixth Form students participated in the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Boys’ Model United Nations (HabsMUN) conference, representing the countries of Bangladesh, Bolivia and Latvia. Of 25 participating schools, Kingsbury High School was the only non-selective state school at the conference. We were in very strong company: independent schools (e.g. Habs’ Boys, Benenden, Canford, Merchant Taylors, Royal Russell, Tudor Hall), grammar schools (e.g. King Edward VI, Chelmsford; Manchester Grammar) and international schools, including one from Lubeck, Germany. There were 430 individual delegates in all.

Kingsbury High School students worked extremely hard to prepare for the event, producing detailed draft resolutions (laws) for discussion at the conference, and their behaviour throughout the weekend was exemplary. They were on time to every stage of proceedings and were clearly determined to make an impact in their respective committees. Many students were involved in debating the resolutions under discussion and all worked very hard in the lobbying process to gain support for their ideas about serious international issues.

At the end of the conference, several Kingsbury High School students spoke in the General Assembly and three students won ‘Highly Commended Delegate’ awards: congratulations to Vincent Cutler and Harshadha Balasubramanian (who also both received awards at the North London Collegiate MUN, see below) in Year 12, and for Melissa Calleja in Year 13.

The staff team for HabsMUN comprised of Mr Mitchell, Mr Williams, Mr Cumbers, Ms Woodrow, Ms Hunt, Ms Molina, Mr Mendelsohn and Mr Senior.

The HabsMUN success followed a similarly impressive contribution by KHS students to an MUN conference at North London Collegiate School (NLCSMUN) on Saturday 25th February. On this occasion, 22 Sixth Form students travelled under the supervision of Mr Mitchell to North London Collegiate School to represent the UK, Germany, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Zambia during the conference. Kingsbury was the only school at the conference to have its countries’ resolutions passed by the General Assembly (UK’s resolution on the extent of UN intervention in transitional governments, proposed by Emilian Gega; and Pakistan’s resolution on protecting free speech in developing countries, proposed by Samantha Sivapragasam). In addition, Kingsbury students won a number of prizes. The following students were awarded ‘best delegate in committee’ following votes by peers from different schools:

  • Emilian Gega
  • Amelia Cutler
  • Alba Turku
  • Harshadha Balasubramanian

The following students won ‘Most Outstanding Delegate’ awards for their contribution to the whole conference, as selected by the organisers:

  • Emilian Gega
  • Vincent Cutler
  • Luke McCarthy Jones

Both MUN events were incredibly worthwhile and inspiring to watch, allowing for the demonstration of a range of important transferable skills (precise writing, negotiation, networking, public speaking, problem-solving and research) and presenting Kingsbury students at their very best in a challenging competitive environment.

[text & image provided by Mr Mitchell & Ms Helps]

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