World Book Day 2012 – Lose Yourself in a Book

Kingsbury High School (KHS) have commissioned fourteen posters featuring members of staff hidden behind famous characters on book covers with the heading ‘Lose Yourself in a Book’. This is the third year the school has produced a set of highly acclaimed posters to promote literacy and the love of books. The poster campaign, designed and created by Kingsbury High School’s Library and its own Creative Team, was launched on World Book Day 2012 and is part of a wider campaign to promote reading within the school and in the local community.

Josephine Woods, KHS Library Manager, said “Not only is it a great way for the students to get to know members of staff they wouldn’t normally meet, but also those who would not dream of walking into the library are coming in and taking books out – in these days of declining literacy levels and book reading in general you must agree – this is a good thing.”

To reach out to the community and to show support for local libraries, Kingsbury High School have given a set of the posters for display at Kingsbury Library Plus, Kingsbury Road.

Wendy Levingstone, Manager at Kingsbury Library Plus, was happy to put up the posters in this busy location and said “They really are great and look fantastic on our display boards – children from Kingsbury High School have been looking at the pictures and trying to guess who is behind each book”.

Within the school, there was a competition for students to guess the identity of the well disguised members of staff in the posters.

1 thought on “World Book Day 2012 – Lose Yourself in a Book

  1. Wonderful work as usual from KHS’ very talented duo Camille Shah and Steve Foster. The drawings for the book covers took a long time to produce, but I think the effort was well worth it. Steve’s photography skills make the whole project look very professional. I am indebted to both of them for their dedication and hard work.

    World Book Day is a very important day for all lovers of reading and books and these posters have certainly highlighted the excitement of discovering new characters and new worlds.

    Well done.

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