Kingsbury High School Pupil Performs at World Famous Ronnie Scott’s


A music pupil at Kingsbury High School took to the stage at the world famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club, London on Sunday 5th February 2012. Luke was one of the lucky London pupils selected to take part in the new initiative entitled Big Band in a Day at the oldest jazz club in the world. Luke spent the day being mentored in workshops run by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Orchestra and the evening performing on stage in front of family, friends, teachers and members of the public.

In appreciation of The Doncaster Jazz Association – which, after 38 years of changing the lives of thousands of young people through teaching Jazz, is to be closed down due to government cuts – Ronnie Scott’s new initiative, Big Band in a Day was born. Big Band in a Day gives young Londoners an opportunity to be mentored by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Orchestra and perform at the world famous venue. The initiative aims to inspire and give confidence to young people.

Ronnie Scott’s trialed Big Band in a Day one Sunday in early January 2012. The event  was so successful that Ronnie Scott’s Big Band in a Day will become a regular event taking place on the first Sunday of every month.

Luke, aged 16, applied to take part and was successful. The application required him to detail his past experience and identify his favourite Jazz piece. Luke was joined by other successful applicants from schools in London including Abbs Cross Academy, and Isleworth & Syon school for Boys. Luke plays the Alto Saxophone and is currently working towards his Jazz Saxophone Grade 5 through instrumental lessons at Kingsbury High School. Luke is one of the top students in the current Year 11 GCSE Music class and hopes to continue to study music at A-Level.

Luke, speaking about the event said “It was really good, now all I want to do is go back there! The snow didn’t affect us, it just made it cold, I had no trouble getting there or anything.”

“The best part was when I did a solo, I wanted them to remember me so I could possibly go back, so when it was time to do my solo I took my harmonica out of my pocket and did a solo on that instead! I didn’t know what I was thinking, but it went down well.”

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