Holocaust Memorial Day at Kingsbury High School

Holocaust Memorial Day

On Wednesday 25th January 2012, the whole of Year 8 took part in a Holocaust Memorial Excel Day project. Pupils focused on this years theme of “Speak up, Speak Out”, and undertook a variety of activities organised jointly by the Drama and History departments.

Pupils watched a moving and thought-provoking performance of “Then they came for me”, a play based on the life of Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss, performed by a professional theatre company. They will be showing the same play to the United Nations later this year. Some pupils met Harry Olmer, a survivor of the Holocaust who moved to England after the war was over and whose children attended Kingsbury High School in the 1960’s. Other pupils were able to ask the director of the play Nic Careem questions on the play and the wider issues around the Holocaust. Both sessions were excellent, and the questions and behaviour of the pupils was outstanding.

Pupils also created artwork, poems, letters and other creative responses to the poem “And then they came for me”. The level of thought and effort was astonishing, and the pupils produced wonderful pieces for display.

A massive thank you to all students and staff for making this day such a success, and for all of their hard work.

One thought on “Holocaust Memorial Day at Kingsbury High School

  1. Nice to see this is being kept alive in schools today. My own uncle was smuggled by the Red Cross out of Austria in 1938. He lost touch with his family in 1941 and despite the Red Cross after the war doing some research, he never knew what happened to them. He was a strong supporter of education, and the arts, and greatly encouraged me to do well at school -which thanks to some fantastic teachers at KHS -I managed to get to Oxford Brookes. The twist is, I found out what happened to his family, they had been deported to Poland and placed in a ghetto and were executed in mobile gas chambers brought in to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible. I am glad he never found out the truth.

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