Year 9 Excel Day Enterprise and Languages


On Wednesday 25th of January, Year 9 pupils were involved in a series of activities related to language learning and internationalism. All pupils took part in the Eurogateau activity which combined Enterprise and Languages. The pupils worked in teams as a bakery, making and selling paper ʻcakesʼ. They were given a company cheque book and a balance sheet at the beginning of the activity and they had to keep track of their finances throughout as they were competing to make the most profit. Pupils had to trade- when buying ingredients or selling their finished products they had to speak to the Euroagent in either French or German.

Pupils were very enthusiastic and got really engaged into the activity. These are some of their impressions of the day:

” It was really fun and I have learned a lot of new things”
“I loved that we had to manage our time and money”
“It was really challenging and fun, I had a great time”

Other activities that went on during the day were a Chinese taster, where pupils learnt about the country and the language and practised their calligraphy and chopstick holding abilities, workshops about the importance of languages in the work place and university, Francophone music and Brazilian Portuguese. It was a great day where Year 9 pupils really got to know a bit more about other languages and how useful they can be for their future.

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