Year 7 Celebrate Europe


Year 7 students celebrated Europe in style with a day-long competition to explore the varied and exciting countries of the European Union.

The day started with a special assembly where students heard about strange European customs – from the Mud Olympics in Germany to La Tomatina in Spain – and teachers added a special touch by dressing up in traditional clothes from across Europe.

Form groups then competed to create the best mini display to promote a European country. Students developed their research and presentation skills as they investigated the events, traditions and attractions which they thought would entice others to visit their country.

The event was a lot of fun and was greatly enjoyed by students and staff. Deputy Head Mr Jamieson presented the Teachers’ Prize to the lucky winners from 7R at the end of the day – and online voting is now open for Year 7 students to decide who will win the Pupils’ Prize, which will be presented on 24 January.

The Celebration of Europe was organised by the Languages Faculty as part of the School’s new programme of Excel Days, which provide regular opportunities for deep learning.

[photograph by Steve]

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