Judo Star Helps Launch Kingsbury High School London 2012 Awareness Campaign

Pride Poster

Commonwealth medal-winning Judo champion, Sky Sports Living for Sport Athlete Mentor and London 2012 hopeful, Tom Davis visited Kingsbury High School on Wednesday 14th December to help launch the school’s Olympic values awareness campaign, P R I D E.

The campaign features an on-going series of posters, produced by the school’s Creative Team, of students sport leaders participating in Olympic, Paralympic and Winter Olympic sports in unlikely locations around the school. The P R I D E campaign promotes the school’s chosen Olympic values of Personal Excellence, Respect & Friendship, Inspiration, Determination & Courage and Equality.

Tom Davis, star of the Olympic Future Flames video, talked to Year 10 students, Shadrak Guichard-Foster, Tara Neli and Samuel Cooper about how important the Olympics are to young people. He told them, “I think the Olympics are massively important, they are a great opportunity to galvanise young people. Linford Christie was my inspiration, watching him run the 100 metres got me in to sport. Young people will all be inspired watching London 2012.”

[photograph by Steve]

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