LEGO comes to Kingsbury High School

Mr Carver Playing with Lego

Mr Carver, the school’s Head of Technology, is a Certified LEGO Teacher Trainer of Mindstorms. He has taught with LEGO Mindstorms for five years and is now introducing it to the curriculum at Kingsbury High. Mr Carver also hopes to get a team of students into the First LEGO League tournament, an international competition where students build and program robots to solve a range of problems and challenges. Quoted on the LEGO Education website, he said, ‘Through the building and programming challenges, students become active participators, developing both teamwork and collaborative skills. They immediately find elements of the kit familiar and soon grow confident enough to explore their own ideas. Learning with LEGO provides opportunities for the students to apply their scientific, mathematic and engineering knowledge to solve real life problems, thus making very strong cross curricular links’.

LEGO Education

[text by Mr. Carver; photograph by Steve]

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