The Diana Award


“My name is Alizay, I’m 14 years old and attend Kingsbury High School. I have one dream, one ambition and one goal: to make a difference, whether big or small.

As part of a group called UNITE we received our Diana Anti-Bullying Champion award in summer 2011. UNITE is a group run by young mediators certified by PERRLINK. We run games and activities at lunchtime and guide children through conflict.

When I received my Award it inspired me! I researched different opportunities and Lady Diana herself. I came across a Pakistani organisation called ‘REHEL’ for disadvantaged children. I contacted the director and she suggested an internship at the children’s hospital rainbow club for terminally ill young children. I attended certified Child Abuse training and then started my internship in the Children’s Hospital – Lahore.

I played with the children, taught them how to read and write in English and bonded with them very well! From 10am – 1pm I was a friend, even after those hours their smiles wouldn’t escape my mind.

I enjoyed everything from the dancing to the learning! I feel I am more humble and caring now. I realised all that happened in life would never outshine the time I spent at the Rainbow Club.


[By Alizay; image from The Diana Award]

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